Am I bloated or pregnant?

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Some folks might discover it laborious to inform the distinction between being bloated or pregnant as they will share comparable signs. If an individual is not sure whether or not they’re pregnant, they might want to take a being pregnant take a look at.

Bloating is the sensation of fullness within the abdomen, which generally contains stomach distention. Bloating is quite common and has many causes. Most individuals will expertise bloating infrequently.

For ladies, being being pregnant might trigger bloating. However many being pregnant signs are usually not distinctive, which may make telling the distinction between being bloated or pregnant tough with out testing.

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The signs of being pregnant and bloating may be comparable.

If an individual is sexually energetic and has sure signs, comparable to bloating, being pregnant is feasible. However since many different elements can lead to bloating, the trigger might not all the time be clear.

Individuals who observe their menstrual cycle might discover if they’ve missed a interval, which may also help decide if being pregnant is a chance.

Among the best methods to find out if an individual is bloated or pregnant is by taking a being pregnant take a look at. A variety of being pregnant checks is offered for buy in pharmacies and on-line.

You will need to know that a dwelling being pregnant take a look at can result in false negatives, particularly early in being pregnant.

A medical skilled can verify being pregnant with a blood take a look at, urine take a look at, or an ultrasound examination.

Being pregnant is only one of many issues that may trigger bloating. If bloating isn’t attributable to being pregnant, it’s useful to find out the trigger as a way to take steps to scale back bloat.

If somebody thinks they’re experiencing new or persistent bloating, it’s advisable to debate their signs with a physician.

Different elements in addition to being pregnant which will result in bloating, embrace the next:

Menstrual cycle

Bloating is quite common earlier than and through an individual’s interval.

The 156 members of one examine accomplished a survey about their menstrual historical past and gastrointestinal signs earlier than and through their intervals. The outcomes indicated that 62% of the ladies had premenstrual bloating, and 51% had bloating throughout their menses.

Bloating is assumed to happen attributable to altering ranges of the hormones estrogen and progesterone in the course of the menstrual cycle.

Study extra about interval bloating right here.

Sure meals

Numerous sorts of meals enhance an individual’s danger of bloating. Greens, for instance, cabbage, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts might result in bloating. Dairy merchandise and beans might also trigger gasoline and bloat.

Carbonated drinks

Sure drinks can result in bloating. Carbonated drinks, comparable to soda, comprise carbon dioxide gasoline, which is a standard reason for bloating.

Consuming too shortly

Consuming too quick leads folks to swallow air. The elevated air within the abdomen causes gasoline and bloating.

Chewing gum and utilizing a straw may also enhance the quantity of air that reaches the abdomen.

Irritable bowel syndrome

Bloating is a doable symptom of a variety of gastrointestinal circumstances. For instance, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) may cause abdomen cramps, diarrhea, and bloating.

It is usually doable that multiple issue is inflicting bloating. In some circumstances, a mixture of the causes above can result in bloating.

Ovarian cysts

An ovarian cyst is a fluid-filled or stable sac that grows on an individual’s ovary or ovaries. Cysts can kind at any time however are commonest after they kind throughout an individual’s menstrual cycle.

Cysts may cause ache and bloating within the decrease stomach. Hardly ever, ovarian cysts may be cancerous, which is why it’s best to have a physician try cysts after they happen.

Early being pregnant signs might range from individual to individual. Additionally, not everybody experiences all of the indicators. It’s typical to develop at the very least just a few signs in early being pregnant.

In some circumstances, signs dissipate because the being pregnant progresses. In different situations, signs might return or proceed all through being pregnant.

Widespread early being pregnant signs embrace:


Bloating is a standard early being pregnant signal. In some circumstances, bloating can happen even earlier than the primary missed interval.

Throughout early being pregnant, the hormone progesterone will increase to organize the uterus. Progesterone additionally slows digestion, which may entice the gasoline within the intestines which will trigger stomach bloating.


Recognizing throughout early being pregnant might happen as quickly as 6 days after conception, because of implantation bleeding. Implantation bleeding entails gentle recognizing after the fertilized egg implants into the uterus.

Missed interval

A missed interval is without doubt one of the earliest indicators of being pregnant and normally happens about 2–three weeks after conception. However there are different doable causes for a missed or late interval in addition to being pregnant.

Study in regards to the doable causes of a missed interval.


Fatigue additionally develops early in being pregnant, normally throughout the first few weeks, when increased ranges of progesterone might enhance sleepiness.

Though fatigue can develop early on, it’s common all through being pregnant, particularly as a lady’s due date nears.

Elevated urination

Elevated urination typically happens within the first few weeks of being pregnant attributable to altering hormone ranges. Frequent urination may also proceed all through being pregnant as soon as the rising uterus places stress on the bladder.

Study doable causes of frequent urination in females right here.

Breast modifications

Breast modifications normally develop at about four–6 weeks of being pregnant however can generally happen earlier.

Breast modifications usually embrace tenderness and swelling. Breast tenderness is because of elevated estrogen ranges.

Many ladies really feel comparable breast tenderness earlier than their interval. Darkening of the areola might also develop in being pregnant round week 11.


Nausea and presumably vomiting can happen when a lady is pregnant. In accordance with the American Faculty of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, nausea normally develops earlier than 9 weeks. This symptom happens because of the rise in being pregnant hormones.

Temper swings

Moods swings can happen any time throughout being pregnant, together with throughout the first month. Temper swings might embrace irritability, melancholy, and pleasure.

Occasional bloating is usually nothing to fret about. If being pregnant is a chance, taking a house being pregnant take a look at could also be a primary step.

When bloating continues for a number of days, it’s best to see a physician.

If an individual thinks they’re pregnant, it’s important to debate this with their physician. Prenatal care is vital for the well-being of each the pregnant girl and the creating fetus.

To deal with occasional bloating, whether or not attributable to being pregnant or different causes, the next suggestions might assist:

  • eat slowly to scale back the quantity of air swallowed
  • drink loads of water
  • eat fiber-rich meals to forestall constipation
  • keep away from chewing gum
  • eat smaller portion sizes

Bloating is extraordinarily frequent. It might have many causes, from weight loss program to constipation. Being pregnant may also trigger bloating attributable to altering hormone ranges.

For somebody questioning if bloating is because of what they ate or being pregnant, having different being pregnant indicators gives extra clues. Nonetheless, different issues might also result in fluctuating hormone ranges, together with the menstrual cycle.

One of the simplest ways to know for positive whether or not an individual is bloated or pregnant is by taking a being pregnant take a look at and seeing a physician.

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