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CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) is a naturally occurring fatty acid found in meat, dairy and safflower oil. California Products softgels deliver a potent plant complex of oils and fats whose main benefit is to lower body fat percentage by lowering the melting point for adipose fat stores in the body. Our complex is made of: -780 mg conjugated linoleic acid -150 mg oleic acid -30 mg palmitic acid -30 mg stearic acid -10 mg linoleic acid This potent combination delivers many benefits to users: weight loss, increase lean muscle mass, lower cholesterol, control blood sugar levels, heart & lung health, immunity and long-lasting energy. CLA can be taken as a powder, syrup or pill. Our softgels ensure easy use and quick, complete distribution of the natural oils and fats. Each California Products bottle of CLA Softgels is manufactured with care and attention. We hope you, like so many have, experience the health benefits and results of this amazing natural fatty acid plant complex. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and money-back promise!-CLA SAFFLOWER OIL – natural acids in fat burner plant complex – natural conjugated linoleic acid benefits include weight loss + appetite suppression + metabolism + energy boost – natural fatty acids.
-FAT BURNERS WITH CLA – for men and women – this softgel belly blaster is a potent antioxidant + really lowers body fat percentage with a naturally occurring good fat + 28 natural isomers.
-WHAT OTHER BENEFITS ? – conjugated linoleic acid works to increase lean tissue + improve lung health + lower blood pressure + strengthen heart + help bone density + immunity + stabilize insulin levels.
-HEART HEALTHY FATTY ACIDS – California Products CLA softgels also contain oleic acid + palmitic acid + stearic acid + linoleic acid for a potent plant complex – drs recommend and call it magic.
-CLA WORKS WITHOUT EXERCISE – but combine with exercise for extra lean muscle mass + better bodybuilding results + to lower body mass index or BMI – cis fatty acids and oils – lower fat melting point.

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