Headache after train: Causes, therapy, and prevention


Folks could develop a headache after exercising for a wide range of causes. Dehydration, exercising in warmth or at excessive altitudes, or muscle pressure can all result in complications after train.

In some instances, an underlying situation might be inflicting a headache after exercising. On this article, we have a look at doable causes of a headache after train, therapy choices, and when to see a health care provider.

Exertional headache

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An individual with an exertional headache could expertise a pulsating sensation.

A major exertional headache is a headache that folks get solely from exercising and has no underlying causes.

Signs of major exertional headache embrace:

  • ache, often on each side of the top
  • a pulsating sensation

The ache can final between 5 minutes to 48 hours and will really feel just like a migraine.

Folks could also be extra prone to get a major exertional headache after exercising in scorching situations or at a excessive altitude.

A secondary exertional headache happens due to an underlying situation, corresponding to:

  • coronary heart illness
  • stroke, or bleeding within the mind
  • a tear in an artery
  • reversible cerebral vasoconstriction syndrome, which is a narrowing of the blood vessels
  • a mind tumor or lesion

Dehydration headache

If folks don’t exchange fluids throughout or after train, they might grow to be dehydrated. Water and electrolytes maintain the physique hydrated, and folks lose each of those via sweating.

When an individual is dehydrated, they might develop a headache.

Different signs that will point out dehydration embrace:

  • feeling thirsty
  • feeling torpid or fatigued
  • darkish yellow urine
  • producing much less urine than normal
  • dry mouth or lips
  • feeling irritable
  • dizziness

Study extra about dehydration complications.

Pressure headache

A pressure headache is the most typical kind of headache. Muscle pressure from exercising or incorrect posture throughout train may cause these complications. Individuals who expertise stress may develop pressure complications.

Signs of a pressure headache embrace:

  • delicate to average ache
  • a gradual begin to the headache
  • ache within the neck and again of the top
  • ache that may be both a boring ache or a vice-like band across the head
  • ache that always impacts each side of the top
  • often fixed ache quite than throbbing

Study extra about pressure complications.

Exercising in warmth

Exercising in a scorching local weather or direct daylight can set off a headache and migraine. Elevated warmth ranges may cause extra sweating, which might result in dehydration.

Vivid daylight may act as a set off for complications and migraines.

Low blood sugar

If folks don’t eat earlier than exercising, they might develop a headache because of low blood sugar ranges. Train burns energy, and if folks don’t absorb sufficient energy earlier than exercising, their blood sugar ranges can drop.

When folks eat carbohydrates, the physique converts them into glucose. The mind, specifically, depends on a continuing provide of glucose to operate correctly. If the mind doesn’t get sufficient glucose, it might trigger a wide range of signs, together with complications.

Different signs of low blood sugar ranges can embrace:

  • nausea
  • confusion
  • sweating
  • feeling faint or dizzy
  • shaking
  • starvation


In accordance with The Migraine Belief, average, common train could assist stop migraines and cut back the severity of signs.

Nevertheless, train could also be a set off for migraines in some folks. A number of the most typical signs of migraine embrace:

  • throbbing head ache
  • elevated sensitivity to gentle and sound
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • fatigue

If train does set off a migraine, there could also be underlying causes, corresponding to:

  • beginning train abruptly, so the physique requires a sudden improve in oxygen
  • low blood sugar
  • dehydration
  • life-style modifications, corresponding to food plan

Study extra about migraines.

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Staying hydrated could assist deal with a headache after train.

If folks have a headache because of fluid loss via train, they need to rehydrate by ingesting water. They might additionally want to attempt the next:

  • Rising fluid consumption all through the day: Consuming fruits, greens, smoothies, and soups is a wonderful manner of accelerating fluids.
  • Changing electrolytes: This could additionally assist the physique to rehydrate. Folks can take oral rehydration options, which give electrolytes to assist exchange these misplaced via sweating.
  • Stretching: Mild train, corresponding to yoga, could assist to alleviate muscle pressure and a associated headache.
  • Leisure strategies: Meditation, for instance, could assist to launch pressure from the physique.
  • Soaking in a heat tub: This may occasionally assist to chill out muscle groups, specifically, these across the head.
  • Making use of a warmth pad to the neck and shoulders: This may occasionally additionally assist to chill out muscle groups across the head.
  • Over-the-counter ache reduction treatment: These may assist to alleviate painful signs.

If a drop in blood sugar ranges throughout train is inflicting the headache, consuming a snack or small meal after exercising could assist the sugar ranges return to regular and deal with the headache.

If persons are experiencing complications after exercising with no underlying situation, then the next steps could assist stop a headache from creating:

  • hydrating with water earlier than, throughout, and after train
  • rehydrating with electrolyte drinks or oral options
  • warming up and cooling down totally earlier than and after train
  • checking kind and posture is right when exercising
  • sporting footwear that helps correct posture
  • avoiding skipping meals, notably breakfast
  • consuming small, common meals to assist handle blood sugar ranges
  • ensuring to get sufficient sleep every night time
  • waking up and going to sleep on the similar occasions every day
  • exercising reasonably every day, for at least 30 minutes
  • avoiding exercising in excessive warmth for lengthy durations

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If an individual with a historical past of coronary heart issues experiences a headache after train, they need to speak to their physician.

Anybody who’s experiencing train complications however will not be conscious of any underlying situations ought to see their physician for analysis.

Individuals who have any present situations referring to the guts or threat elements for coronary heart illness ought to speak to their physician about exercise-related complications, particularly if they’ve neck or jaw ache alongside a headache.

This consists of individuals who have a historical past of:

A health care provider could perform numerous checks to rule out any underlying situations that will trigger complications after exercising.

Exams could embrace:

  • blood checks
  • X-ray of the sinuses, to examine if sinus issues are inflicting complications
  • MRI or CT scans

Individuals who develop new complications after the age of 40, expertise complications that final quite a lot of hours, or expertise different neurological indicators, ought to see a health care provider as quickly as doable.

There are numerous explanation why folks get a headache after exercising. Shedding fluids whereas exercising is a simple technique to grow to be dehydrated, which might result in complications. Ingesting loads of water or electrolyte options may help stop this.

A very strenuous exercise or rare train, can create stiffness and aching within the physique. This muscle pressure can result in a headache. Stretching correctly earlier than and after exercising could assist stop this.

Typically, complications after exercising are because of an underlying situation. Those that expertise exercise-induced complications for no obvious purpose or have a cardiovascular situation or different signs ought to see their physician for a checkup.

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