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  1. said:

    Leonor P I care gurl! I mean what are the results -_-

  2. said:

    Emma Hensley 13 and 170 lb 😭😭😭

  3. said:

    Leonor P what are the results?

  4. said:

    Emma Hensley At least you don’t weigh 220 and you’re 13 I still don’t
    understand why I weigh that much when I don’t even look that much….I
    legit am very tall and I look like at least 130 I still don’t understand it

  5. said:

    Emma Hensley im 12 and 130 lbs

  6. said:

    omfg I hate cold showers…

  7. said:

    I take 30-50 minutes to get to school I live two cities away

  8. said:

    Tchem exercise at home. There’s a YouTube channel called blogilates that
    has tons of different free workouts

  9. said:

    Kawaii Drawz that’s how my parents are💯 I’m 5’10 and weigh 200 but I don’t
    look like I do

  10. said:

    also, just a reminder, the cold water right when you wake up works! i’ve
    already lost 6 kg !

  11. said:

    Kawaii Drawz let ur parents know u r in a diet and tell them no more
    junkies and sweeties

  12. said:

    PrettyKeli im a 15 yr old girl im 150Ib how do i lose my weight to be 90Ib
    in 1 weak i have a freinds wedding after 😭

  13. said:

    I’m 13 and weigh 165 please help

  14. said:

    Say you want them , but toss IT in the trash

  15. said:

    also, if you’re craving sugar, one square of dark chocolate ( 70% or over
    concentration ) will do the trick! it’s also great for weight loss. no more
    than one square, though.

  16. said:

    PrettyKeli I need help with motivation

  17. said:

    I really struggle with eating junk food even when I’m on a diet or
    something, I just don’t have enough will power!! If I had one wish it would
    be to live a healthy lifestyle and have control over what I eat! Any help
    or advice :/ ??

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