Step 1

Develop an exercise plan. Exercise can’t be neglected if you want to lose weight. It’s important that you have a regular, consistent workout routine. Join a gym or start your own exercise routine at home. Work out three times a week at least–for an hour each time. This is a great time to find exercises you can continue to do after you become pregnant; yoga, Pilates and even walking are great ideas. Each of these is also low-impact and very soothing to the nerves.

Step 2

Cut the calories. First, determine how many calories you eat now. Use a food journal for 1 day (making sure you eat the way you normally eat) and at the end of the day, add up the total. Whatever that total is, cut it in half. So if you typically eat 3,500 calories a day, you should count your calories and ensure that you are only eating 1,750. By cutting calories, you force your body to use some of the stored fat for energy and will lose weight quickly.

Step 3

Avoid fats and sugar. These can be found in processed and pre-packaged foods including cookies, cupcakes, cereals and potato chips. Provide yourself with alternatives such as dried fruits, small amounts of dark chocolate or nuts. The alternatives prevent you from feeling deprived and make you more able to stick to the diet plan. Avoiding these fats and sugars will help you lose weight more quickly.

Step 4

Eat healthier. Since you’re planning to get pregnant, you can choose foods that will help you lose weight and boost health. Try foods you can continue to eat while you’re pregnant, those that are high in folic acid and calcium. Some of these include dark, leafy green veggies, whole wheat bread and cereal, sprouts and beans. Also, drink a glass of 2 percent milk each day. This will help prevent the absorption of too much fat and will be great for the baby when you become pregnant.

Step 5

Get support. There are many other women planning to get pregnant who want to slim down before that happens. For instance, has a forum for women who are planning to become pregnant that gives ideas and suggestions.


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