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BURN Advanced Thermogenic Fat Burner

Experience Enhanced Energy and Fat Burning!

– Working hard to shed extra pounds?
– Need help trimming down?
– Feeling Lethargic and Moody?

Introducing BURN by GEN1Labs!

BURN is Our Advanced Thermogenic Fat Burning Formula
Containing a Synergistic Blend of Ingredients to Support Fat Loss in Multiple Ways.
If Taken Daily, These Ingredients Can Increase Metabolism and Fat Burning for
Up to 8 Hours. When Combined With Exercise and Reduced Calorie Diet,
BURN Can Help You Reach Your Weight Loss Goals.

BURN FAT FASTER! Our Green Tea Formula Helps You BURN Belly Fat Fast.

– Supports Losing Belly Fat, Promotes Weight Loss, and Helps to Lower Body Fat.
– Increase Energy Levels For Sustained Energy All Day With No Crash and No Jitters.
– Boosts Metabolism by Increasing Your Metabolic Rate (The Speed at Which Your Body Burns Calories).
– Made With The Purest Natural Ingredients in a FDA Registered Facility Under Strict GMP Standards.

Amazon Buyers Trust GEN1Labs Products to Be of Premium Quality

RISK FREE! Feel Confident With Our 90 Day Money Back Guarantee!

BOOST METABOLISM AND BURN FAT! The 200mg of Caffeine in BURN Jumpstarts the Process of Lipolysis. This is When Your Body Breaks Down Your Fat Stores to Convert it Into Energy. In Other Words, Caffeine BOOSTS Your METABOLISM and Helps You BURN FAT.
BURN FAT AND CARBS FOR MORE ENERGY. Chromium Helps to Move Blood Sugar (Glucose) From the Bloodstream Into the Cells to be Used as Energy and to Turn Fats, Carbohydrates, and Proteins Into Energy.
CURB CRAVINGS. Our Proprietary Blend Including Hoodia, Green Tea Extract Provides all Day Energy, Focus, and Appetite Control. When Used in Conjunction With a Sensible Diet and Exercise Program This Combination of Ingredients Can Help You Reach Your Weight Loss and Fitness Goals.
PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA. BURN is Specially Formulated in Labs Certified for GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) in the USA.
YOUR SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED. GEN1Labs Products are Backed by Our 90 Day Money Back Guarantee!

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