The power of Wheat Belly + L. reuteri

Elena, a Wheat Belly follower from Austria, shared her “before”/”after” photos on the Wheat Belly Facebook page. Elena previously shared her Wheat Belly experience in 2015 when she turned 50.

Despite 8 years having passed between photos, Elena looks healthier, thinner, younger and more vigorous living the Wheat Belly lifestyle + L. reuteri yogurt.

I started with Wheat Belly 5 years ago and I never looked back :). Lost 15 kg (33 Pounds) within weeks and never gained them back.

“At the beginning, I still had some ‘cheat days’, but not anymore – I just learned to cook without grains, which is much easier than i had thought. Yes, I can even make traditional Austrian dishes like wienerschnitzel or apple strudel the Wheat Belly way 🙂

“I actually do look younger now (I am 55) than 8 years ago. Besides no grains I believe this is due to the L-reuteri yogurt that I started couple months ago, when you were writing about it. It is really a ‘fountain of youth’. I immediately saw an improvement in my hair and skin. So, THANK YOU Dr. Davis and Wheat Belly! Greetings from Austria, Elena.”

Beyond weight, the Wheat Belly lifestyle restores vigor, reverses inflammation, and, of course, restores health in literally hundreds of ways. But we’ve taken it further by restoring a bacterial species that humans were supposed to harbor but have lost due to modern life, Lactobacillus reuteri that:

1) Boosts hypothalamic oxytocin release that restores youthfulness—increased dermal collagen, thicker skin, accelerated healing, restoration of youthful muscle and strength, preservation of bone density, increased libido

2) Helps suppress small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, SIBO, that plagues so many modern people. L. reuteri has the unique capacity to colonize the upper gastrointestinal tract and product bacteriocins that are effective again the (Enterobacteriaceae) organisms that dominate SIBO.

Combine Wheat Belly strategies and L. reuteri yogurt and you have an incredibly potent formula for health, slenderness, and youthfulness.

In previous generations, age 55 would mean the downhill portion of life with fatigue, arthritis, visits to the doctor for a variety of health problems, and the inevitable weight gain, muscle loss, sagging skin and wrinkles of aging, just as you witnessed in your grandparents. I believe it is safe to say that the Wheat Belly/L. reuteri “after” Elena could easily pass for someone in her 30s, younger, healthier, slender, and more vigorous. And, as Elena’s experience highlights, this is a message that is catching on worldwide, not just in Beloit.

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