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Meat and cheese. Besides wine, what more does a person
really need? Maybe a guide to finding the best of it in Austin? I have rounded
up my favorites here. Some of them include boards, some are DIY plates you can
put together yourself.  In this year’s installment of the Austin Food
Blogger Alliance’s annual guide to eating in Austin
, I present to

The 2015 guide to the best Charcuterie and Cheese in Austin

200 Congress Avenue Austin, TX 78701
Sunday through Thursday, 11 a.m. – 11:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday, 11 a.m. –
1:30 a.m.


House Charcuterie Block with Old World Preparation of
“appropriate” condiments.

I think my favorite part of this plate is the plate itself. The condiments and
bread vessels are nestled into their own little wood block cubby-holes, letting
the main event take stage. My favorite here was the chicken liver mousse. And
the wine. Always the wine.

2nd Bar Charcuterie:

Paté Campaña (Pork)
Prosciutto, especially stripey and the least salty.
Blood Sausage
Chicken Liver Mousse
Mustard, Pickles

To pair: I recommend the Rosé

525 N Lamar Blvd. Austin, TX 78703
Open daily, 7am-10pm 

This is my home. I have been accused of loitering, employment and suspicious activity at this place. Why they haven’t started charging me rent, I dunno.

My approach to charcuterie and cheese chow at WF is totally DIY. Let me walk you through it. I go up to the cheese counter and talk to my friend Graham. He’s one of the resident cheesemongers, and always remembers me by name. I tell him what I’m in the mood for: Stinky and soft, new and exciting, raw and goatey, aged, spicy, something that pairs well with XYZ… whatever mood I’m in, he can hook it up.

Then, I go to the deli counter and get my
accompanying charcuterie. You can ask for however much you want, and curate it
with the cheese and wine you are enjoying. It usually costs me under $5 for
this part.

Then I run down the gluten-free aisle for a box of crackers. Then off to the
bar. I order a glass of wine to pair with my meat and cheese loot, at which
point the bartender (usually Nathan) will bring me a plate and a knife. I
carefully peel the stickers off the cheese and meat labels and stick them to my
cracker box, so I can pay for it all later.

Whole Foods Cheese I’m into: 
Pierre Robert Rouzaire — A creamy cows milk, slightly
stinky. Pairs well with a dry Italian red.

Bleu D’Auvergne — Raw cow’s milk blue (happened to be $1.87 from the under $3
cheese orphan bin)

D’Affinois – super creamy washed rind. Mild, not too bloomy.

Delice Bourgongne — My go-to favorite soft, stinky, creamy cheese. It makes a
huge mess.

Raw Milk Taleggio — lovely stinker, super melty

Anything from Vermont Creamery. Literally any of it.

Whole Foods Charcuterie I’m into:  
Prosciutto di San Danielle
Coffee Braised Bison

2026 South Lamar Blvd. Austin, TX78704Cheese & Charcuterie Hours: Mon-Sat
11am-Close; Sun 11am-3pm

This place makes me feel like I live in a fairy tale. Any
time I want to get away and feel fancy and mysterious, I go here. They offer
meat and cheese plates, but as you know, I wanted to direct it. The meat and
cheese plates come with two meats and one cheese, and if you want to substitute
the daily selection, they alter the price by the pound.

Off topic, but you should also know that they have amazing salads for lunch
here. The duck confit with beets and goat cheese is to die for.

Wine Pairing: Pradvaj Italian White

1601 Waterston, Austin 78703

Happy hour: Daily, 3-6pm

At Josephine House, I found my new favorite cheese. And it’s
from North Carolina! Nothing surprises me, but the Hunkadora on the
build-your-own cheese and charcuterie board on the most delightful porch in
Clarksville did it.

Everything on the board was unique and stimulating to my tastebuds, especially
the duck rillete, which was flavorfully synonymous to chicken salad, kicked up
to true food-snot stature.

Duck Rillette — slow roasted, fatty yet well balanced, full
of flavor.
Olli Salami Toscano – a favorite and a crowdpleaser
Hunkadora (N. Carolina) — The new love of my life.
Bluebonnet – 1 oz goat cheese with the ash on the outside..
Petit Agour (France) — Raw, unpasturized soft cheese (also
a crowd pleaser)
Zamorano (Spain) – Raw, unpasturized, sharp firm cheese

Accouterments: Whole grain mustard, pickled turnips, olives, house-made jam,
marinated mushrooms

1912 E. 7th St. Austin, TX 78702
Butcher Shop Hours: Tuesday- Saturday 10am-8pm Sunday 10am-6pm

A visit to S & T makes me feel like I’m part of a boy’s club. Beer and
live-butchery– this is not for the faint of heart or vegetarian persuasion.
You eat your charcuterie while watching them cut fresh bacon on their deli
slicer behind the bar.

My “regular” order, when I’m not dining there is a
pound of pig skin for a dollar and a wild card from the butcher case (last time
it was lamb neck).

They make EVERYthing in house at Salt and Time. They are butchers, chefs and
experts when it comes to charcuterie. I like to get one of their boards and a
beer and hang out alone at the bar. And its not weird. Great place to dine
alone. (I am currently writing this alone at their bar. True story.)

Salt and Time Charcuterie:
Their salumi board is $12 and includes a selection of house
made meats. You can add a cheese of the day for $5. If you want to select your
own meats from the case, you can and they will charge you by weight. The day I
went they had this amazing sweet and spicy ham called Jambon du Tejas. Loved
Jambon du Tejas – Lightly smoked, slightly sweet and spicy
Pecan Salame – Fermented and dried sausage with pecans,
honey and chile
Anchor Saison is a great palate cleanser when it comes to

519 W Oltorf St., Austin, TX 78704
sun – wed | 4pm –
11pm; thur – sat | 4pm – midnight

I won a free t-shirt from their instagram contest once, so I
decided I needed to go back and commit to their cheese board. A girl needs to
do thorough research on these things! Wine belly is a luxurious little hideout
on busy Oltorf in South Austin. It’s a great place to meet for after-work happy

Winebelly has fabulous wine. Duh. But when you really care about how much your
wine pairs with the snacks, this is the place to go.
Chicken Liver Mousse with pickled shallots — one of my
favorites in the city
Crispy Pig Ears — trust me. They’re weird but you’ll love them.

1224 S. Congress Austin TX 78704
Happy Hour: Daily, 4-7pm

The chicken liver mousse is (how do you frankenmerge the
words fucking and amazing?) It is the clear winner for my favorite in the city.
Its whipped and sweet, smooth and full of fresh flavor, then topped off with a
thin layer of high-quality olive oil. It’s awesome.

You can go gluten free with this board. They’ll serve it to you with bias-cut
zucchini, pickled onions and grain mustard.

Snack bar Charcuterie and Cheese:
Chicken Liver Mousse–with olive oil, pickled vegetables,
house mustard
Texas Chevre– herbed goat cheese, olive oil, english
cucumber, crostini

315 Congress Ave. Ste.
100 Austin, Texas 78701
Wine and Charcuterie Bar Open
Tuesday-Saturday 4pm-11pm 

This brand new culinary mecca just opened on Congress just
before SXSW. They offer pre fixe dinners with three, five or seven courses,
with wine pairings.

In the bar area, they offer charcuterie, cheese and drinks
only. With charcuterie as the only offering in the front of the house, you know
they are going to do it right. They are proud to say that all of their
charcuterie is made in house. It shows. This stuff is incredibly fresh. 

Counter 3FiveVII Charcuterie:

Smoked Pig Jowl – smokey, tender cured pork with sea salt shavings sprinkled on
Kabanosy —  its the house “slim jim” and is
cut in with the mixed olives
Pate Campagne – TBH, I don’t love pork pates that much. But
this one was my favorite thing on the board. The quality meat is highlighted
with fresh seasonings including coriander and cracked pepper.
Duck Bacon — Sweet, tender duck cured in maple syrup. 
Mortadella – thinkly sliced and peppered with pistachios
Blut-Zugenwurst – House blood sausage. 
Duck Liver Mousse – oh god. Just say yes. 

Pairing: Sherry — You wouldn’t think, but it was an incredible compliment to
the cured meats!

Served with house mustard, pickles from the chef’s garden, and crackers

2406 Manor
Road, Austin 78722
Butcher Shop Tuesday through Sunday  10am–10pm

The butcher is actually a total babe. And this is so
intriguing to me.

This is the lamb rillette. It’s slow-roasted in its own fat and mixed with fresh
and pickled vegetables. Served with eggs and a glass of wine. It is pure,
simple and elegant.

Dai Due, a marketplace/butcher shop and restraurant also serves daily
charcuterie plates and by-weight selections from their case. Options vary
daily, and in the past I’ve loved:

601 W. 6th St. Austin TX 78701
Happy Hour: Weekdays, 5-6:30pm

This is where my money goes. And my willpower, because their bread and butter
is irresistible.

My favorite cheese at Arro:

Raclette — It is broiled in a cast iron skillet and served warm.

Pairing — I love trying their wine of the month. Their sommelier is
award-winning and always helpful in making suggestions. Also, check out their
1st Monday series of wine tastings and special prices on snacks from their

2307 hancock drive austin, texas 78756
sunday 10:30
am – 3 pm monday – thursday 10:30 am – 9:30 pm

French bistro Epicerie is on the mark with the fabulous
trend of market dining. Part restaruant, part cheese market, this place will
curate a board for you, or you can make your own selections from the case. Of
course, I opted to do it myself.

Detroit St. Brick – Soft, bloomy
Granbury Gold — A grassy, sharp Texas cheddar made in a
Big John’s Cajun – firm, sharp, amazing spiced crust
Red Hawk — A beloved tangy goat cheese from Cowgirl
Chicken liver mousse- smooth, light and sweet
Moroccan Coppa — fresh, slightly smokey. Tasted great with
tangy goat cheese.
Pork Pate — wrapped in bacon. Lovely.

Accouterments: Cured egg yolk (amazing), pickled onions, pickled beets, smooth
mustard, crusty bread

For more guidance to eating the best of Austin, check out this year’s

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