Wheat Belly and cardiovascular health


Gary was eager to share his Wheat Belly success story with everyone, a journey that began over 2 years ago:

“2 years older and 47 pounds lighter! 67 years old and feel like I am 35!

A few years ago a special friend started this WOE. We went out to the Texas Roadhouse to eat. She always ordered an extra basket of rolls because she LOVED them with a passion. This night however, she only ordered a salad and a glass of water with lemon. Like an idiot, I shoved the basket of rolls under her nose. She did NOT think it was funny! Weeks later, she explained that she was following this new WOE and it really made a change to her life. I listened to what she was saying now that she was willing to communicate with me. Even though I could see the change in her, I only listened and didn’t care enough about my own health to try it myself.

Two and a half years ago, I was feeling terrible and finally took my blood pressure. I was over the STROKE LEVEL! I drove to the ER but was too stubborn to go inside. Finally made the decision to follow her advice and and jumped in totally. I had a major heart attack 13 years ago and had a five way bypass. Doctors put me on everything that was available at that time. Followed orders completely.

“Started my own WOE and now I no longer take a massive amount of pills. Blood pressure is the best it has been in years. No more swelling, legs don’t hurt and I walk, run and exercise every day. I have finally learned to communicate and tell everyone I know about my new WOE! Thank you for saving my life!”

Yes, skinnier, with normal blood pressure, loss of leg edema, and recovery of youthful vigor. To appreciate just how transformed Gary’s cardiovascular health has come beyond reducing dangerously high blood pressure, we would have had to track measures such as NMR lipoproteins and various metabolic measures, as I have done in thousands of people over the years. If Gary had better doctors genuinely interested in health and not just providers of prescription drugs and revenue-generating procedures, they would have witnessed the following transformations living the Wheat Belly lifestyle:

  • A huge reduction or elimination of small LDL particles that caused Gary’s heart disease
  • Reduced fasting and postprandial (after-meal) VLDL particles that initiate the reaction to cause small LDL particles and themselves cause heart disease
  • Drop in triglycerides that parallels the reduction in VLDL particles due to the marked reduction in liver de novo lipogenesis, the liver’s conversion of carbs to triglycerides
  • Rise in HDL and increased HDL particle size that make them more protective against heart disease
  • Drop in multiple inflammatory markers such as C-reactive protein to zero or near-zero, an effect apparent on the surface by seeing less skin inflammation and leg edema
  • Reduced fasting blood sugar, fasting insulin, and insulin resistance
  • Reduction in HbA1c and thereby glycation of small LDL particles (glycated LDL particles are more potent causes of heart disease)
  • Rise in RBC omega-3 index due to fish oil supplementation
  • Rise in 25-hydroxy vitamin D blood levels due to vitamin D supplementation that yields huge advantages, e.g., reduced inflammation, reduced PTH
  • Rise in RBC magnesium due to magnesium supplementation that contributes to reduced blood pressure and reduced potential for abnormal heart rhythms

There’s more, but I think you get the idea: Following all the strategies of the Wheat Belly lifestyle transform the entire landscape of factors that lead to heart disease. I also hope you appreciate how silly and overly-simplistic the “take a statin drug to reduce cholesterol” notion is, achieving very little—it should therefore come as no surprise that statin cholesterol drugs provide only trivial benefits and provide NO benefits to the majority of people who take them. (See my Wheat Belly Blog discussion “The four dangers of stopping a statin drug.“) Yet magnificent overall health, including reduction or even elimination of cardiovascular risk is achievable easily, inexpensively, and safely.


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